Origins, Education and Guidance
Origins and Education
 In an effort to contribute to and promote peace among all Peoples, the Dragon Queens of Orion have sent forth ambassadors to assist in the introduction of a cultural recognition and education program designed to help Orion Draconian Human-Hybrid Children discover their ancestral origins and culture. It is the Queens' desire these Children find peace in who they are and hope in who they can become.
 This cultural and educational program has also been designed to help increase the knowledge and understanding of Orion Dragon cultures among the non-Draconian Peoples of Earth, as we all move together toward a new era of peace, higher consciousness and respectful, loving relationships.

 Aeleto, a 3rd Generation Orion Matriarch, has graciously opened up windows in her busy schedule to offer spiritual and practical guidance to individuals or to groups seeking to increase their understanding of Orion Draconian origins both in the Orion Star system and on Earth.

***Important Information:

 In keeping the the tradition of Orion Draconian Queens, all individuals about whom a person may speak must grant prior permission to the speaker. The speaker must openly state those permissions.
This is called BalMurh or "Permission-to-Speak-on-Behalf-Of."

*Aeleto has been granted source permission to speak of limited Earth/Ki history involving Princess Ninmah of Nibiru/Ninharsag.
*Aeleto has been granted source permission to speak on Ki/Earth history involving Orion Draconians and the Annunaki line through Prince Ea/Lord Enki of Nibiru.
*Aeleto has source permission to speak on limited subjects concerning King Anu of Nibiru.
***All permissions are subject to verification from the source and shall be shared either verbatim, or as directed, with no alteration in presentation. No information may be shared without prior permission from source.

Words from Friends
"I found myself completely open in Aeleto's presence. She has a gift of compassion which she transfers beautifully, and effortlessly. Healer by nature she represents the sentiments of dragon lineage well. I just fell in love with Aeleto and her magnificent heart. Our session is still potent after all this time. She is deep and she will hold you safe. Thank you, Aeleto!" --Penpa D.

"Aeleto was a pleasure. It took me a while to find the question to ask, and when I did, she was there with an answer that left me wanting to learn more. I like that. Thanks, Aeleto!"
--C. Carlson

"If you want your mind to be blown away (in a positive way) so you can collect it again --contact Aeleto. I recommend Her to anyone searching for answers ;)" ~Mislav M.

"She was very kind and awesome to talk to. I was amazed by the information I learned and am thankful for the advice I was given. I definitely look forward to more exchanges in the future."
--Sierra J.

"If you are into the ancient mystical and practical history of the Earth, she is your go-to girl. Also, anything about dragons, chat with Aeleto :) It's so much fun to correspond with her and hear her responses, and also very powerful."
 --C. Fox

"This has been an amazing experience. Thank you Aeleto for your love and support. Blessed Be!"
--Susan B.

"Aeleto is amazing and spot on. I would definitely work with her again!" -
-Jakki B.

"She was fascinating to talk to. Very patient and compassionate." ~M. Hanson

"Amazing information and advice! Extremely helpful ! I would highly recommend Aeleto for anything!"~Kim T.

"I was overwhelmed by what I was told by my friend. She answered questions I asked, questions I didn't ask, and questions I forgot to ask, helping me realize more about myself and the world around me. Yes, the truth is undeniable and makes most uncomfortable, but I welcomed the information and look forward to our next conversation. Thank you so much!!!" ~Greg E.